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What is WIOA funding?          

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act established federal grant funds to pay for certain employment and training activities in New York State.

Employers may access these funds to assist with the costs associated with training new employees, as well as those incurred as a result of upgrading the skills of an existing workforce.

Two specific types of training that qualify for funding  are: OJT (On-the-Job Training) and Employer Customized Training.


On-the-Job Training is on-site training provided by an employer to a new employee as a method of developing the skills necessary for the new employee to be successful in their job. It could also be the training provided to a current employee as a means to upgrade their skills in a new position with the company. Workforce Investment funding is available to provide up to 50% of the cost of the OJT trainee’s wages while the individual is in training. To qualify for funding, the trainee must either be a new hire or a current employee who earns less than $20.00 per hour (or $41,600 per year). The employer must provide a training outline for each trainee. In addition, the employer must be willing to retain the trainee and provide him or her with an upgrade and/or increase in pay upon successful completion of the OJT.


Customized Training

Customized Training may be designed by an employer to meet specialized training needs. WIOA funding may provide up to 50% reimbursement of all the costs associated with this training, including consultant fees, curriculum development, books, etc. Customized Training is available to a single employee, a group of employees from a single business, or a group of employees form a number of similar businesses. To qualify, trainees must earn less than $20.00 per hour (or $41,600 per year). The employer must develop a training plan for each trainee and demonstrate how the training will impact the business. The employer must also be willing to retain the trainee or provide him or her with an upgrade and/or increase in pay after successful completion of the training.

Request for Customized Training Funds (pdf)